INTA LTD is one of the leading company in TURKEY, in the field of center bearing manufacturer.
Our aim is to produce the best spare part of the sector for this reason the company has ISO 9001-2015 Certificate.

INTA LTD was established in 1995 and specilazed in the field of center bearing supports.Today we are avaiable to produce more than 450 types. INTA LTD is already exporting their products to 38 Countries all over the world.

INTA LTD manufactures center bearing supports for all brands of automotive sector such as MERCEDES,IVECO, MAZDA, BMW, BEDFORD, DAF, FORD, TOYOTA, VOLKSWAGEN, MAN, VOLVO, ISUZU, LAND ROVER, MITSUBISHI, NISSAN, SCANIA, BMC, HYUNDAI, RENAULT and others.





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